Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Day, A New Blog! (take 2)

I've decided to move my food blog over to Blogger, so I'm reposting the four posts that I had at the other site.  Here's number one:

At the encouragement from many friends, I have decided to start a new blog about one of my passions in life: food.  I consistently tantalize people over on Facebook with my status updates about what I’m cooking up next.  This will be the place where I post recipes of things I am making, old and new.  I will even take requests!

I borrow a little here, a little there, throw in a dash of my own inventiveness and voilá, I have something worth sharing.  I read cookbooks like novels and find inspiration in the marketplace.  When I find recipes that I follow letter for letter, I will always credit my source and link to said source in my blog.  As a professor in my paid profession, I always give credit where credit is due.

I promise to put up a recipe really soon, but for now, know the blog is here and it’s going to be filled with amazing things!  Bon Appetit!

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